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Blue Eyeshadow Make-Up

Blue Eyeshadow Make-up: How To Wear It

Generally, I don’t wear heavy makeup. For those who also follow me on Instagram, you know I prefer something lighter and more classic, like black eyeliner or nude eye shadows, but sometimes I feel like changing. (This is what happens when you go on Pinterest and fall in love with a beautiful picture. eheh)

So, during this quarantine, I wanted to experiment and I bought a blue palette to try a makeup a bit ’80s, a bit Spanish style.

To avoid to look like a clown, I matched it with a floral blouse that recalls both lipstick and eye shadow colors.
But girl this is not the only trendy way to style it! This kind of makeup is also great with a monochromatic outfit, from classic black to colorful fuchsia, it’s sensual and intriguing. Whereas for the hairstyle, my two favorites are low chignon and wild hair down. More elegant and sensual the first style, rebellious and charming the other one, both super cool and easy to do.  It just depends on  your taste. 😉

Well, this is it. What do you think about my blue eyeshadow make-up? I’m not used to post pictures about my make-up, but I had fun and if you like them, I’ll keep on doing it! Maybe one day I’ll tell you a story about me and make-up from when I was little little girl! 🙂

Thank you for reading, babe! <3

Stay safe and happy,

Bell xx

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