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SoyBell is a blog about sustainable fashion, green beauty & lifestyle. I’ve always had a deep passion for vintage and second-hand clothes, and I’ve always liked to mix them with contemporary clothes, but unfortunately without giving too much importance to origin, quality and social side. However, in the last few months I have decided to completely change my approach to fashion and to only buy sustainable clothes. I intentionally left my old articles to show this new journey and to highlight that it is never too late, we all start from the same point. 🙂


Hi loves and thanks for being here! My name is Isabell, I’m 30 years old, and I come from a small Italian town in the province of Brescia. I am happily married and with my husband I have been living around Europe for about 7 years. It was during this time while I was living in London that I decided to start this blog, a place where I could share my passion for fashion.  But despite that I loved writing here, I always felt that something was missing. So I did some research and after many months, I discovered sustainability. It came by chance, completely by accident. One day I was reading an interview and the next I was watching videos about it, and I felt that was the right path for me. With my blog I would like to show to women that we can also be incredibly trendy by wearing sustainable and second hand clothes! I want to help them to learn more about fashion and where they can find sustainable clothes. We can be beautiful while respecting nature and people too. 

I hope to have you with me on this journey. If you feel like writing to me, just send me an email here: isabell@soybell.com. I’m always super happy to read you and talk to you! 

With love ❤️